A subscriber may, at his discretion by written request, convert the balance outstanding under a temporary advance into a part-final withdrawal after satisfying conditions laid down in Rules 15-A to 15-I.


Sanctioning Authority should be two levels above the person to whom advances or part final withdrawals are sanctioned.
Power to sanction GPF TA / PFW to Heads of Departments and their immediate deputies will be with the Government in the Administrative Department concerned.


  1. Final withdrawal of accumulation is permitted when subscriber quits the service (on retirement, dismissal, resignation, compulsory retirement, removal etc.).
  2. In case of death of subscriber while in service.

How to Apply for Closure?

The application in prescribed format duly filled in and signed by the subscriber/claimant(s) is to be given to the department for forwarding the same to the Accountant General along with requisite documents by the Head of Office/ Head of the department.

When does a subscriber get the Annual Accounts Statement?

After the close of each financial year, the Accountant General sends to each subscriber an Annual Accounts Statement showing the opening balance as on the 1st April of the year, the total amount deposited and withdrawn during the year, amount of interest credited as on 31st March of the year and the closing balance on that date. Subscribers have to satisfy themselves as to the correctness of the Account Statements and errors should be brought to the notice of the Principal Accountant General within three months of receipt of the same.

What is the procedure for adjustment of missing credits/ debits?

Missing credits arise due to misclassification in the treasuries or incorrect details in GPF schedules. At times, schedules/vouchers are not received from the Treasuries for various reasons and as a result some of the subscriptions/refunds/arrears/withdrawals do not get posted in the account. These missing credits/debits can be located and included in the subscriber’s account after proper verification of the accounts rendered to AG by the Drawing and Disbursing Officers/Treasuries subject to furnishing the following details duly certified by the Drawing and Disbursing Officers and the Treasury Officers.

  1. Name of the Subscriber
  2. GPF Account number
  3. Name of the DDO under whom the official had served
  4. Amount of subscription/refund/withdrawal
  5. Salary month for which details are being furnished
  6. Head of Account (up to Detailed Head) under which salary was drawn
  7. Treasury/Sub Treasury where the salary was drawn
  8. Treasury voucher number / challan number
  9. Totals of the schedule amount enclosed in the particular voucher as noted on the abstract in case of credit
  10. Date of payment of the voucher/remittance of the amount in the case of challan remittance
  11. Total amount of the GPF payment vouchers in respect of debits


What are Missing Debits ?

  1. Sanction received without corresponding debit
  2. Refund received without corresponding debit


How to adjust missing debits?

When a missing debit is note in the GPF statement , the subscriber has to approach the DDO and ensure the details of the drawal viz. Amount , Voucher No. , SA No.,Treasury alongwith certificate of payment or a copy of the voucher to this office. The missing debit will be posted if the amount is unposted in the records of this office. In case of misclassification of the debit , the Treasury /PAO has to rectify the same.

What happens when missing debits are not settled immediately?

The GPF account shows inflated balance due to missing debit and interest thereon.This amount will be recovered from the balance at the time of final settlement.Sometimes, the delayed recovery of missing debit and interest leads to minus balance in the GPF account which has to be recovered from pensioner benefits.


What are the facilities available for grievance redressal of GPF related issues?

1. Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)
Enquiries on GPF matters can also be made by calling in 040-23231212.

2. Grievance Redressal Cell
To facilitate enquiries regarding GPF in the Office premises, a Grievance redressal cell is constituted. The GRC representative assists the visitor in the following areas:

  1. Providing information regarding balances, missing credits/ debits in respect of GPF Account of the visitor
  2. Status of FW application
  3. Posting of missing credits on furnishing certified particulars of remittance
  4. Any correction to be incorporated in the database like name , DOB, DOJ etc., provided such information is supported by valid documents
  5. Any other related matter
  6. The representative can also be contacted on 9492233447 during working hours


3. Email facility pagaeap.gpf@gmail.com

4. Fax : 040-23231937

5. SMS Facility

Particulars of subscription, withdrawals, on monthly basis are intimated. Also receipt and finalization of final withdrawal applications. GPF subscribers are requested to furnish their mobile numbers through the screen provided in the web site. IVRS:- Dial 040-23231212 and follow the instructions therein

The following information are being sent through SMS alerts.

  1. Status of GPF Final withdrawal cases – registration, return, finalization and dispatch
  2. TA and PFW sanctions for GPFund
  3. Provisional balances at the credit of the subscribers with updation of latest monthly subscription, refund, other credits and withdrawals
  4. Missing credits and debits in the account of the subscribers


6. Online Grievance Redressal :

Any person having grievance with any Entitlement function (GPF and Pension) discharged by the Accountants General can record his grievance online. Along with text of the grievance, relevant documents can also be uploaded. Acknowledgments would be provided both via SMS and e-mail, along with status updates via SMS. The status of the grievance redress can also be viewed online on this site.

Do’s for GPF subscribers
Admission: On promotion from class IV, apply for GPF A/c No
Subscription: Subscription from 6% to a maximum of Basic Pay.
Temporary Advance: In case of Temporary advance, ensure recovery from Pay.
Nomination: File Nomination, if not done, especially, before retirement.
Slips: Confirm the balance on receipt of annual slips.
Settlement: Help us to settle your balance early by submitting withdrawal applications in advance.
Track the authorisations through our website.
Any remittances after retirement to GPF, please follow up with DDO.